Unmatched Performance That Saves Costs

Deployed worldwide performing over 25 million trips a year, ADEPT is used to maximize performance with advanced features that reduce costs per mile in Demand Response transportation.

  Lower Operating Costs

Industry's best performing scheduling engine adapts to the unique needs of each operation while significantly improving efficiencies.

  Improve On-Time Performance

Streamlined workflows with advanced features enable dispatchers to monitor and control day of service operations that result in consistent OTP.

  Effortless Reporting

Standard and customizable reporting using comprehensive data in an open platform provides the assessments needed to measure operational effectiveness and ensure compliance.

  Decision Support With Key Insights

ADEPT is an Intelligent Transportation System with modules built to support each stage of the operation with alerts, automation, tracking and reporting.

  Fewer No Shows & Less Slack Time

Improved operational communication with leading-edge technology reduces no shows resulting in better productivity and revenue per hour.

  Rider Self-Service Tools & Communications

Enable riders to conveniently view, schedule, and cancel their own trips online. Receive alerts that reduce inbound calls and operating costs.